While sharing your screen in a meeting, do you see a warning message that your session is inactive or your participants tell you that they no longer see the document you were sharing? This is easy to resolve.


1. First of all, you may have minimized a document window. Restoring the application so it is again visible on your desktop will resolve this. If you need to view the online meeting room again, just make sure you keep the document you are sharing open and change between open applications using your Taskbar or Dock.


2. Share your entire desktop instead of an individual document. Sharing your whole screen will prevent this issue completely, as it won't matter what application you have open, as everything that you are seeing will be visible to your participants.

Screen Sharing Warning

3. Sharing a PowerPoint presentation. If you open a PowerPoint file and click on the 'presentation' mode, this actually opens a second application window and our system will continue to share the regular editable file. The easiest way to share a PowerPoint presentation is to share your entire desktop.

If you prefer not to do that, here are the steps you need to take to be able to share the presentation:
- Open the PowerPoint file
- Click on the 'Slide Show' icon to start the presentation
- For Windows: Click 'Alt+Tab' to change back to the online meeting room
- For Mac: Click 'Command+Tab' to change back to the online meeting room
- Click on 'Share' and select 'Application Window' and choose the PowerPoint presentation